INDUS’ Annual Corporate Volunteer Day at Nourish My Soul Farm


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INDUS is committed to initiatives that directly benefit our employees and our community.
We take pride in partnering with organizations whose missions align with ours, working together to achieve shared goals throughout the year.

A Day of Impact and Service
For the second consecutive year, on May 15, 2024, INDUS partnered with Traprock Ridge Land Conservancy (formerly known as the Wintonbury Land Trust) and Nourish My Soul Farm for our annual corporate volunteer day. Our dedicated team members came together to mulch, plant, remove invasive species, and relocate a bridge dislodged by last year’s flood.

Making a Difference
Our team helped prepare a 500-meter path connecting the farm to the nearby R.D. Seymour School. Once completed, this path will provide a safe route for students and encourage regular visits to the farm. Through hands-on sustainability and environmental awareness programs, students will develop a deeper connection to nature and a greater appreciation for responsible resource use. This initiative exemplifies purposeful giving.

Strengthening Our Community Commitment
This initiative holds significance for both Traprock and INDUS. INDUS previously owned the undeveloped land and donated it to Traprock in 2021. Today, it thrives as Nourish My Soul Farm, a nonprofit organization dedicated to community-based agriculture, nutrition education, and youth empowerment.

Promoting Access to Nutritious Food
Nourish My Soul firmly believes that healthy food should be accessible to everyone without judgment. Their harvest nourishes bodies and strengthens community bonds. By providing fresh, sustainably grown produce, they support local families and foster a sense of shared purpose. INDUS takes pride in partnering with such remarkable organizations, united in our commitment to improving access to nutritious food and building a healthier, more connected community.

Thank You to Our Volunteers
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our most important asset –
OUR PEOPLE. Your dedication and hard work empower us to make a meaningful impact. Together, we sow seeds of positive change, strengthen community bonds, and create lasting memories. Your commitment is truly appreciated!